Feeld Threesomes Finder: The best application for finding threesomes online. Feeld is the perfect app for those who want to meet other couples and singles looking to try threesomes. It is easy to find hot women and adventurous swinging couples. So, what are you waiting for to register on this threesomes app.

This application is made for those wishing to discover or enjoy practices revolving around threesomes. Thanks WHO ? – Thank you Feeld Threesomes Finder! You will find many swinging couples obviously. True to the niche of the brand.

Introducing Feeld Threesomes Finder

This hot dating application from Feeld is aimed at couples who want to have hot dating experience near their home. Thus, you will easily find on this portal long-term relationships or naughty encounters. In addition, you can also participate in hot events. Internet users present on the portal have in any case no taboos and affirm loud and clear their different sexual desires: pleasure, freedom and fun. The community of this platform welcomes a lot of couples from around the word, no matter where you live. Let’s discover the main features and the operation of the application.

Feeld Members Community

  • Target age range: 20 – 45 years
  • Percentage of men and women: 40% – 60%
  • Free registration, simple and fast
  • Suggestion of profiles and search by criteria
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Kind of dating: threesomes, libertine, sex.

In addition, finding threesomes, you can discover and test new experiences. Such a thing can only be beneficial for a couple. Another advantage: the positive aspect of the “couple”: indeed, the couple is wonderful when all is well, but difficult phases can quite happen for any reason. With a threesome, no need to take the lead. The latter is just there to spice up your life and your sex life. Nothing more.

How Feeld application works

As for the operation of the Feeld platform, it is basic and similar to a social network. The graphic identity of the application is essentially based on naughty photos shared by Internet users. Indeed, it is possible to meet on Feeld Threesomes Finder via photos of naughty parties, selfies and pornographic photos. In addition, be aware that the platform warns you when you register on portal trends and confidentiality that must be kept.

Interface and use of Feeld

As for the interface of this hot dating portal, it is clear and sober. The latter offers the possibility of easily finding any necessary information without overloading useless information. The portal is in any case easy to handle. Regarding the search system, it turns out to be perfectly detailed. Indeed, you will only have to enter several criteria in order to benefit from a listing of profiles that may interest you. Among the criteria that can be chosen are age, city or distance. So, do not hesitate any more and embark on the adventure!

Target and community of Feeld app

This portal is for people wishing to practice threesomes. Internet users are real even if there are fake profiles like everywhere. As a reminder, a threesome is a sexual practice involving three individuals. Couples often seek such practices to spice up their respective sexual lives. This way of making love is above all intimate since it offers the possibility to the two members of the couple to rediscover the other, to see it in a different light in order to pursue an optimal blossoming of the couple. The application community has an average age of around thirty.

Moderation and security on the application

It must be admitted that the moderation on this portal is more than average. Indeed, this point is far from being the best point of the portal even if all this remains effective. Feeld is doing everything in his power to keep you safe from scams and fakes. Profiles are moderated effectively in several days. If your profile proves to be refused when you register, know that an email will be sent to your inbox. In addition, the moderation is also participatory because it is possible to denounce malicious Internet users via the button “report abuse” present on different profiles. On the security side, the confidentiality of the data is ensured. It is also possible to find some features offering the possibility to optimize your profile such as anonymous browsing.


Practice of threesomes

A threesome is making love to three. One can also find the words of MFF (man-woman-woman so a man with two women) and MMF (man-woman-woman: two man with a woman). It is most often a couple on which to add a third individual. A threesome can also be a sexual relationship between three people of the same sex: three men or three women.

More and more women are flourishing at the sexual level and therefore have a tendency to practice threesomes. In addition, threesome with a woman and a man raises the issue of bisexuality. How to jump? How to choose the right people? For most men, it is normal that the extra item is necessarily another woman. But women are more divided on the issue.


Most of the time, one of the first things you think about when you visit a dating portal is to see if a free trial period is present or not. On Feeld Threesomes Finder, the registration turns out to be simple, fast and completely free. To register, you must of course enter various information such as username and password. Once done, you will receive a link via email directly in your mailbox. Then, you will only have to fill in various details in order to check your age. Please note that minors do not have the right to register on the platform. When you have a free account at your disposal, you can enjoy the subscription Gold, Silver or Bronze. In addition, you should know that you can register through the social network Facebook. In order to unsubscribe, simply delete your account via the section dedicated to this, which is present in the menu. Be careful, a subscriber member can unsubscribe only if he has unsubscribed before.


Feeld is not a dating app like any other. Indeed, he transforms his communication into a real social network. This form is much more practical to make naughty encounters. On this app, no one is cold-eyed. In any case, it is one of the best applications to find threesomes on the web. Easy to use, modern and famous, we advise you to optimize your profile and to take a subscription in order to put all the chances on your side to meet someone. The application is without taboos and offers the essential to its users.